Air Pressure Testing in Berkshire

air pressure testing in PooleAir Pressure Testing – Berkshire

Air Pressure Testing isn’t just something that has to be done because of new building regulations, although we do carry out large numbers of air pressure tests and air leakage tests on new builds in the area.

With rising fuel costs becoming a real issue for some households in Poole, air pressure testing can really help save you money.

Houses built pre 2009 probably won’t have had any sort of air pressure or air leakage testing carried out on them. From our wealth of experience in air pressure testing throughout Poole and Bournemouth, more often than not we can tell where the leakages will be occuring even before we start! Most people assume air leakage will occur from the obvious places like windows and doors, and don’t even think about the real culprit areas which are actually around the skirting boards, behind kitchen cupboards and other less obvious places.

The way we carry out the test is to simply install a fan in a doorway, close all external openings and leave all internal openings open. Once the fan has pressurised the inside of the building the pressure difference is measured and compared to the external ambient conditions. You can read all about the process on our Air Testing Page.

Now the weather is getting a little colder we are finding that more people are thinking about putting their central heating on and are concerned about the cost of heating a house that is losing heat. We can let you know if you are wasting valuable energy and money every time you put your heating on!



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